Dating in the Digital Age

One of the many interesting experiences I’ve had since coming out of a long term relationship is dealing with the rules and boundaries on social media when it comes to dating. It’s not enough to be flung into the dating world and have to remember how stuff works… you have to figure out the etiquette of twitter and Facebook too. Isn’t it enough that I have to worry what shoes I’m going to wear with those jeans (the jeans that make my ass look amazing, and my legs a little longer)? Not to mention the hours spent agonizing over what underwear should be worn (the one that hide all the flab, but in no imaginable universe could be considered sexy… or the skimpy sexy ones just in case). I now have to figure out the appropriate things to say not only in conversation on a date, but on Facebook and Twitter too. When to tag or not tag. When to check in.

Dating in the digital age does have its advantages though. It makes back ground checks on (aka stalking) any potential dates that much easier. No more awkward conversations with acquaintances or bugging friends with endless probing for details. I suppose that some would argue that this takes the ‘fun’ out of getting to know someone. I like to think that it weeds out any dodgy dates, so you don’t waste any unnecessary time on someone who is just not worth your time. Leaving you more time to fret about which earrings to wear on a date that’s actually worth it. 🙂


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